Data platform modernisation whitepaper

Whitepaper: get started with data platform modernisation

Discover the options available for on-premises and cloud modernisation


We discuss data platform modernisation with customers regularly, and without doubt
the hardest part of the project is knowing why you should embark on it and where to start.

It is important to analyse your estate, define your objectives and then create a clear roadmap. This obviously requires good knowledge of what is available, and the purpose of this paper is to set out the options you have. This will help you create an informed strategy for the future of your data platform.

Whilst many people are hosting their data platform on-premises or in partner data centres today, Microsoft Azure offers tremendous capability and a cost-efficient platform to host your solutions that is both highly secure and easy to scale up and down to meet demand. It also offers a free container service – based on open source technology – that can be run with Kubernetes, DC/OS or Docker Swarm and is designed to be managed at scale.

At Coeo we’ve seen increasing numbers of customers start to take their first steps towards modernising their data platforms by moving some workloads to the public cloud. Here is our quick guide to the options available and the benefits they could bring to your business, whether you decide to modernise on-premises or in the public cloud.


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