Become a Data Driven Business

One of the biggest challenges facing organisations today is making sense of their data so they can use it to its fullest potential. With so much data coming in from so many different sources, businesses need to be able to quickly analyse all this information so they can see how it might affect their bottom line.

That’s where we come in...

The Benefits of a D&A Assessment

The Assessment will help your business overcome the following challenges:

Business Strategy

Collaborative workshops will discuss business plans, business problems and risks, existing analytics and reporting platforms, IoT processes, and use cases, or opportunity catalogue.

Gap Planning

Will document the current pain points, analytics maturity assessment, security and governance considerations, and the 'as-is' architecture.

Future State Architecture

Create a data optimisation strategy, future state architecture, best practices and actionable adoption roadmap.

What is a Data and Analytics Assessment?

Our Data and Analytics Assessment (D&A Assessment) will take a look at all the information you have about your company’s data and come up with ways you can use it more effectively.


Our Data and analytics assessment provides clear steps to improving how and where you can use your data successfully. Our expert team will guide you towards an efficient and modern analytics platform designed to help your business.

We will work with your team to define:

Coeo Scope of Engagement V2A closer look at the Data and Analytics Assessment deliverables:


  • Current state and pain points
  • Business needs, risks and skills
  • Analytics Maturity Assessment


  • Target state data platform and toolsets
  • Opportunities for AI, Machine Learning, IoT
  • Adoption roadmap and timelines
  • Azure cost consumption estimates
Data and Analytics Assessment

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